7D6N Taiwan with LOVE


Upon arrival in Taoyuan International Airport, meet our local tour guide and meet up with our friendly representative and proceed to Tainan.
Upon arrival and proceed for your welcome breakfast. After breakfast, proceed toAnping Old Street which have little shops and food stalls
that cover a full range of souvenirs and handmade products of different prices. Lunch will be at your own expense at the street. Commence
on our journey to Cijin Island tour. Enroute, we shall pass through Kaohsiung Harbor Cross-Harbor Tunnel. In Cijin Island, we will
visit Cijin Shell Museum, Cijin Seafood Street, Rainbow Church, Chi Jin Mazu Temple & Cijin Wind Turbine Park, recreational
wind farm in Kaohsiung. In the evening, proceed to Liu He Night Market.
Overnight at 3* Kaohsiung Bamboo Hotel, Orange Hotel or similar
After breakfast, proceed to the Pearl Center and next, visit Buddha Memorial Center. The center is affiliated with Fo Guang Shan, one
of Taiwan's largest Buddhist organizations. Next, proceed to Jiayi county and visit the Dongshi fisherman's wharf. Dongshi Fisherman’s
Wharf, since the Ming and Qing dynasties, has been an important port for fishing vessels in western Taiwan. Dongshih Fisherman's Wharf
is programmed to reveal different faces of the ocean-- the “wind”, the “sunshine”, the “fish”, the “boats”, the “sea” and the “light house”--
to restore its Holland style as an entrance. It is designed to be a special tourist attraction with a theme to revive local economy. Its fresh fish
products, beautiful sunset, and other resources are all good tourism selling points. The special theme includes its harbor view, unique
culture, the recreational activities and the natural ecological resources. Next, proceed to visit the Hao Mei Li 3D Painting Village. The
first village to present 3D Painting Art in Taiwan. These portraits display sea world in Hao Mei Li Fishing Village, cultivating groupers,
oysters, whales, sharks, turtles, dolphins and clown fishes on the wall which are vivid and simulation in style, causing tourists to have a
funny and horror effect. Lastly, proceed to Wenhua road night market. Wenhua Road Night Market boasts the local specialties only
served in Chiayi on the 500-meter long pedestrian area. For example, one of the well-known dishes is Chiayi's turkey rice. Sliced or
shredded turkey on rice doused in rouzao (Taiwanese meat sauce, 肉燥) and chicken gravy draws many Taiwanese to Chiayi just for a
bowl of it.
Overnight at 4* Chiayi Oriental Pearl International Hotel or similar

After breakfast, proceed to Tea Shop. Next, commence on our journey to Alishan Forest Recreation Area. Enroute, we shall visit Eternity
Suspension Bridges. Alishan has been famous for its sunrise, sea of clouds and forest railway. In the area, visit the Alishan Sisters Ponds.
The Elder Sister Pond has a surface area of approximately 530 square meters, and the Younger Sister Pond is around 66 square meters.
Next, visit the 3-generation trees, couple trees, Tataka and Shouzhen Temple which is also located in Alishan Forest Recreation Area,
is the highest elevation temple in Taiwan. Next, proceed to Nantou and Lastly check in to a Hot Spring Resort whereby you can indulge
in a rejuvenating experience at the hot springs for the night. (Please prepare own swimsuit & swimming cap)
Overnight at 3* Nantou Tilun Hotel or similar
After breakfast, proceed to take a breathtaking cruise tour at own expenses around Sun Moon Lake, the largest body of water in Taiwan.
Next, visit Wen Wu Temple. The architecture of the temple has the palace style of northern China and it is separated into three halls.
Thereafter, visit Shaozu Souvenir Shop. Next, continue to explore Cingjing Leisure Farm with wide grassy plain & the herds of sheep
grazing on the land, the azure skies above, and the verdant mountains in the horizon have a distinct European air. Next, proceed to visit the
Sheep Castle & Cingjing Skywalk. Next, we proceeed to Taichung and visit the bedding exhibition hall. Lastly, visit the Fengjia Night
Market, the biggest and most comprehensive night market offering a wild array of Taiwanese snacks, drinks, food shops and fashion goods
at less expensive prices.
Overnight at 3* Taichung Waughden Business Hotel or similar
After breakfast, proceed to Hsinchu and visit the Leofoo Village Theme Park. The theme park was first established in 1994, the park
features four areas, including African Safari, Wild West,South Pacific, and Arabian Kingdom. Next, return to Taipei and visit the National
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. It is a Taiwanese national monument, landmark and tourist attraction erected in memory of Chiang Kaishek,
former President of the Republic of China. The Memorial Hall is white with four sides. The roof is blue and octagonal, a shape that
picks up the symbolism of the number eight, a number traditionally associated in Asia with abundance and good fortune. Next, by visit the
Local Product Shops where you can shop for some gifts. Thereafter, proceed to visit the Taipei 101 Shopping Mal which is located inside
the world’s second tallest building with the height of 508 meters (observatory tickets on your own expenses). Next, proceed to wufenpu
wholesale market. Its the largest garment wholesale market in TaiPei (台北). Up to 1,000 shops selling huge variety of products like
clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc with reasonable price range. For those who likes trendy and creative fashions, WuFenPu will
be a place that you won’t want to miss. Lastly, proceed to Raohe Night Market.
Overnight at 3* Taipei Green World Hotel Linsen, Green World Hotel Sanshui Green World Hotel New World or similar
After breakfast, proceed to visit Martyr’s Shrine to witness the elaborate and graceful changing of guards’ ceremony. Next, visit Mascot
Exhibit Hall. Next, proceed to Jiufen, where you can try some famous local dish such as taro and sweet potato ball. Thereafter, proceed
to to Shifen Old Street & Shifen Train Station to experience of making a wish by writing on the sky lantern and setting it off to the sky!!
(Setting off sky lanterns are limited to 4 persons to a lantern). Next, proceed for your shopping experience at Ximending to check out
Taiwan’s latest fashion and trendy clothing. Lastly, proceed to visit the most popular Shihlin Night Market, enjoying a fun time of
shopping and tasting of delicious Taiwanese snacks before returning to the hotel.
Overnight at 3* Taipei Green World Hotel Linsen, Green World Hotel Sanshui Green World Hotel New World or similar
After breakfast, free at your own leisure until transfer time from hotel to Taoyuan International Airport for your flight back to Singapore.
We hope you will bring back wonderful memories of Taiwan.