6Days Taiwan Green Island & Lamay Island Tour + 2 N Hong Kong OR 1N Kaohsiung OR 1N Taipei


Day1 Singapore – Kaohsiung (Meals on Board)


Upon arrival in Kaohsiung International Airport, transfer to Buddha memorial center. It is a Mahayana Buddhist cultural, religious and educational complex located in Taiwan's Kaohsiung City,Dashu District. The center is affiliated with Fo Guang Shan, one of Taiwan's largest Buddhist organizations. The center purportedly houses one of the tooth relics of Gautama Buddha, the founder of the Buddhist faith. Construction of the center began in 2008, and the complex was opened to the public in December 2011. Next, visit the Liu He night market. This a tourist night market in Xinxing DistrictKaohsiungTaiwan. It is one of the most popular markets in Taiwan where seafood, handicrafts, clothing, knives, cameras and live animals are sold. Overnight at Kaohsiung.


Accommodation: 4* City Suites or similar class


Day 2 Kaohsiung – Xiaoliuqiu Island Taitung- Kenting (B/L/D

After breakfast, proceed to Kaohsiung and from Dong Gang, board the boat to Xiaoliuqiu. Next,visit the Black Ghost Cave. Black ghost cave is full of strange coral reef formations that wind about in an intricate maze, and at its entrance stands an amazingly twisted ancient banyan tree, ascending skywards. Next, proceed to the Beauty Cave. Limestone walls, eroded cliffs, collapsed coral cliffs, sea terraces and sea caves are the main attractions of the Beauty Cave. Amongst the limestone one can also find fossilized spiral shells and stick-like fossilized corals. Next, visit the wild boar ditch. Wild Boar Ditch is a cliff landscape at the left of Geban Bay and is linked together with the Black Dwarf Cave. Wild Boar Ditch is full of strange-looking rocks and giant reef rocks that span all over the cliff, giving the landscape ups and downs. Walking in such unique landform and wandering through all the secret aisles, it is hard for visitors to not be amazed by the beauty of nature. Next,go on a glass bottomed boat ride and view the beautiful scenery of underwater without getting wet! Lastly, board the boat back to Kenting and visit the Kenting street.

Accommodation: 4* Uni-Resort Kenting or similar class


Day 3 Kenting- Green Island (B/L/D)

After breakfast, visit Chuanfanshih (Sail Rock). From a distance, Chuanfanshih looks like a sailing ship and at a closer view it resembles the profile of former U.S. President Richard Nixon, thus it is also known as "Nixon's Head".  It is composed of 18-meter-high coral reefs. These reefs are firmer than the nearby tableland reefs that are in the primary stage of formation. Therefore, they can withstand the sea for a longer period of time. Next, visit Eluanbi park. Eluanbi with its well-known lighthouse is located at the southernmost tip of Taiwan. As you walk among this park's complicated and crisscrossed footpaths, you will feel as if you are in a maze. This park is a major attraction, with wonderful sights such as Haohan Rock, CangHai Pavilion and Deep Valley. Next, proceed to Taichung Fugang Harbor and board the boat to proceed to Green Island.

Accommodation: 4* Green Island Bali Resort or similar class


Day 4 Green Island – Taichung (B/L/D)

Green Island(Lyudao) was once the prison for political prisoners, whom were sent here for centralized management at the notorious Human Rights Culture Park. Visitors can see the solitary cells, general cells, and isolation rooms, which remind of the victims' commitments to human rights. A list of victim names was carved on the Human Rights Monument. Next, visit the Guanyin Cave. Guanyin Cave is a limestone terrain formed by rising coral reefs that were long eroded by underground rivers. Next, visit Haisenping which is a bay surrounded by volcanic rocks. A steep 400-meter path, known as the Little Great Wall, leads from the roadside up to a small pagoda that provides the best vantage of the interesting geological formations around the island. Many of these formations are named after objects they resemble, such as the Sleeping Beauty and the Pekingese Dog. Next, proceed to Nanliao Fishing Harbor, the most important external port of Green Island. Return to Taitung to stay at the hot spring hotel, enjoy the spa.

Accommodation: 5*Luminous Resort and Spa or similar


Day 5 Taichung (B/L/D)

After breakfast, we will take a hot air balloon, hot air balloon sightseeing is a new adventure tourism, you can personally experience the very slow floating in the air, and 360 degrees’ full view overlooking the East Rift Valley (Including directional change, if the weather is not good, then changed to hot air balloon Walk In). Next, we go to the Luan Mountain Forest Museum (Jackie Chan movie "Zodiac" shooting viewfinder and walking of the tree). After enjoying the lunch, go to the Mr. Brown Avenue, an idyllic path, popular with the auction of the Bronte coffee. It is known as a "green paradise road" and finally to the Original Botanical Garden, with five hectares of natural green space Space, with a smooth planning approach to the crowd into the building body, and then a wide space, multi-change design, the common spectrum of rural natural simple style.

Accommodation: 5*Luminous Resort and Spa or similar


*Optional 1: 2Nights HKG free

DAY 06: Taichung – Hong Kong (B)

After breakfast, Visit the Doran station, In the most beautiful station overlooking the most beautiful sea, abolished the station but cannot afford it off the beautiful. Next, transfer to Kaohsiung Airport for your flight to Hong Kong.


DAY 07: Hong Kong (No Meals)

Meet at hotel lobby for your complimentary half day city tour.


Day 08: Hong Kong - Singapore (No Meals)      

Free at leisure and transfer to Hong Kong airport for your flight to Singapore.


*Optional 2: 1Night Kaohsiung free

DAY 06: Taichung – Kaohsiung (B)

After breakfast, Visit the Doran station, In the most beautiful station overlooking the most beautiful sea, abolished the station but cannot afford it off the beautiful. Next, transfer to Kaohsiung hotel Check in.


Day 07: Kaohsiung - Singapore (B)      

Free at leisure and transfer to Kaohsiung airport for your flight to Singapore.


*Optional 3: 1Night Taipei free

DAY 06: Taichung -Taipei (B)

After breakfast, transfer to train station (05hours) process to Taipei hotel Check in.


Day 07: Taipei - Singapore (B)      

Free at leisure and transfer to Taoyuan airport for your flight to Singapore.


第一天:新加坡-高雄 (机上用餐)


住宿: 4*高雄香富、城市商旅、国际星辰或同级


第二天:高雄-小琉球-垦丁 (早/午/晚餐)        

早餐后,出发到东港码头乘船前往小琉球岛。它是台湾众多离岛中,唯一的珊瑚礁岛屿,有世界三大之最,最佳观日点、 最多珊瑚品种及全岛为珊瑚礁。抵达后,先游览美人洞,该洞系由老古石结构而成,美人洞不仅是一处景色幽美之名胜,亦是一处启人遐思之古蹟。接着是乌鬼洞,它是岛上最具盛名的观光胜地。该入口处之礁岩上长有一百年老榕,终年绿荫满布,形成奇特景观,让人叹为观止。续山猪沟,它为一半月形海湾,昔日因山猪出没得名。谷内遍布荆棘苔藤,花草丛生,仍然保持原始风味。乘半潜水艇玻璃船欣赏海底珊瑚、热带鱼等海洋生态。之后乘船返回垦丁,继续漫步于垦丁大街

住宿: 4*垦丁统一度假村或同级


第三天:垦丁-绿岛 (早/午/晚餐)        

吃完早餐后我们参观船帆石由社顶公园沿新开辟之道路南下约4公里,在海岸珊瑚礁前缘,可见到一巨石矗立於海中,远望似艘即将启碇的帆船,因而得名,近看则像美国前总统尼克森的头部令人发笑。 船帆石高约18公尺,系由附近台地上方滚落至海边的旧期珊瑚礁石,因其岩质较附近之初期隆起珊瑚礁坚硬,故能长期屹立海中,由台地上方可见到它巨大的珊瑚礁岩即为明证。鹅銮鼻公园位于台湾最南端,以灯塔驰名,为台湾八景之一。园里灯塔是南部海域的指引明灯,也是全世界唯一的武装灯塔.园内珊瑚礁石灰岩地形遍布,怪石嶙峋,步道纵横交错,就好象是迷宫一样,好汉石、沧海亭、又一村迎宾亭等风景点,处处引人入胜。最后前往台东富岗码头乘船往绿岛。

住宿: 绿岛峇里会馆或同级


第四天:绿岛-台东 (早/午/晚餐)        

吃完早餐后,游览人权纪念公园, 公园内有人权纪念碑一面,又称为「垂泪碑」,象徵对民主、自由与人权的追求。碑上的人名,是经由政治受难者同意後,铭刻上去的。许多政治受难者不一定在绿岛监禁过,只是藉由纪念碑来印证受难者在那个年代走过的痕迹。接着去到了观音洞,观音洞位於绿岛东北角楠仔湖附近,是隆起珊瑚礁经长年地下伏流侵蚀岩壁而成的钟乳石洞,形成钟乳石、石笋、石柱及伏流等石灰岩地形特殊景观。小长城位在绿岛东海岸,是由麻石柱所构筑而成的布道,沿着山稜地势建造,蜿蜒通往海滨岬角的观海亭,因而被称为「小长城」。站在观海亭上海天一色、美景宜人,东边是着名的哈巴狗与睡美人,西方则为绿岛第二高山的阿眉山系,北方环绕着广阔的湛蓝海洋,还可眺望西北方远处的柚子湖、牛头山及楠子湖,周围的景致辽阔壮丽,是到绿岛不可错过的景点。午餐后前往南寮渔港,是綠島唯一和最重要的對外港口,也是綠島海上交通運輸的樞紐,為遊客進入綠島的主要通道。最后乘船返回台东入住温泉酒店,享受温泉SPA。

住宿: 5* 台东鹿鸣温泉饭店或同级


第五天:台东-热气球体验  (早/午/晚餐)

早餐后我们将去乘坐热气球,热气球观光是一种新的探险旅游,可親自體驗以極慢速飄浮在空中,並用360度全視野俯視花東縱谷美景的感動 (包定向升降,若天候不佳,则改为热气球Walk In) 接着前往鸾山森林博物馆。成龙也在2011年特别选森林博物馆为场景之一拍摄十二生肖国际电影,近年来,俨然成为花东纵谷国内外旅客的最爱。享受风味午餐后前往伯朗大道,一條田園小路,因拍攝了伯朗咖啡的廣告而廣受歡迎,被譽為是一條「翠綠的天堂路」,最后前往原生植物园,坐擁五公頃的自然綠地空間,以流暢的規劃手法將人潮導入建築體內,多變化的設計,共同譜出鄉村自然純樸的風格。

住宿: 5* 台东鹿鸣温泉饭店或同级






第七天:香港  (不含餐)



第八天:香港–新加坡 (不含餐)

您可自由活动至集合时间,送往机场,搭乘豪华客机离开香港回返新加坡. 并希望您同风格旅游共享美丽的回忆。






第七天:高雄–新加坡 (早)

您可自由活动至集合时间,送往机场,搭乘豪华客机离开高雄回返新加坡. 并希望您同风格旅游共享美丽的回忆。






第七天:台北–新加坡 (早

您可自由活动至集合时间,送往机场,搭乘豪华客机离开台北回返新加坡. 并希望您同风格旅游共享美丽的回忆。