7D6N Charming Of Jiangnan


Hotel: Grand Mercure Shanghai Baolong or similar
Upon arrival, the local guide will meet you at airport then transfer to hotel. (Free airport transfer 24 hrs)

Day 02 SHANGHAI / HANGZHOU (BLD) Hotel: Relax Hotel 5* or similar
After breakfast, free and leisure at ; the most popular and crowded street in Shanghai.Boutiques offering some of the
best name brand items in the world. Versace and Armani Clothing, Rolex and Cartier watches, Pearls and jewellery and many neat little
shop selling all sorts of things. Next, visit to is a large number of rebuilt Ming and Qing dynastystyle
buildings. It is known as “Kingdom of Shanghai Arts & Crafts and small Articles”, is a good site for specialty Chinese goods ranging
from antiques, jewellery to silk threads and so on. After that, transfer to Hangzhou, upon arrival proceed to . After
dinner, enjoy . Due to West Lake Performance Dance Show stop operation, Admission to Shanghai
World Financial Center level 94 floor will be replaced.

Day 03 HANGZHOU / NANJING (BLD) Hotel: Dingding International Hotel 5*or similar
After breakfast, visit West Lake. Next, visit to Dragon Well Tea Farm. The Dragon Well Tea with a history over 1200
years and is the top of the Ten Renowned Teas in China. After that, proceed to Nanjing to visit the < Porcelain Tower of Nanjing> is a
historical site located on the south bank of external Qinhuai River in Nanjing, China. It was a pagoda constructed in the 15th century
during the Ming Dynasty, but was mostly destroyed in the 19th century during the course of the Taiping Rebellion. A modern life size
replica of it now exists in Nanjing. After dinner, visit a local shopping area where you can get variety of
souvenir and famous local food salted duck.

Day 04 NANJING / WUXI (BLD) Hotel: Veegle Sincere Wuxi Hotel 5* or similar
After breakfast, visit to is the first bridge to be built across the Yangtze River in Nanjing. It was completed in 1968
and is the first double-decker, double-track highway and railway bridge designed and constructed by the Chinese without outside
engineering assistance. Next, visit Jade Gallery. Then proceed to Wuxi, upon arrival will visit famously known as Jiangnan Number 1
residence .Next, visit Purple Clay Pot Museum.

Day 05 WUXI / SUZHOU (BLD) Hotel: Jia Sheng Palace Hotel & Residence 5* or similar
After breakfast, visit

  • is a bay of Taihu Lake. It is named after the legend of Fanli and Xishi (one of the four beauties in
    ancient China). Next, visit Pearl Factory. We proceed to Suzhou visti - Suzhou Science & Culture Art Centre
    (SSCAC), it is known as twin brother of “Bird Nest” in Beijing because is same designer who design the building. Next, visit river by boat> where you will experience the old flavour of Suzhou and the night activities you will find here.


    Day 06 SUZHOU / SHANGHAI (BLD) Hotel: Grand Mercure Shanghai Baolong or similar
    After breakfast, visit founded in Southern and Northern Dynasty with the noted bell ring. Next, will visit Silk
    Factory. After that, transfer back to Shanghai, visit Jewellery Shop and Traditional Chinese Medicine Consulting. Continue visit
    and which is famous for building with various architectural styles.

    After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight back to home. (Free airport transfer 24 hrs)

    • Shopping: All tour members are compulsory to visit the specify shopping stops. However, you are not obligated to purchase product sold at the shopping stop. The company reserves the right to collect a penalty surcharges if you refuse to visit the shops.
    • Include compulsory optional tours
    • Exclusive: Flight tickets, Airport Tax, Luggage Tip.
    • It is compulsory for all tour participants to complete the full itinerary. In the event of not complying the requirement, a penalty surcharge of US$50/pax/day.
    • Final and correct accordance of itinerary will be based on Chinese version itinerary. All hotel ratings are based on local terms.


    • 畅游:上海,苏州,杭州,南京,无锡
    • 一生必看一座湖,湖畔必看一场戏《西湖之夜》
    • 品尝:杭州东坡肉,无锡排骨,南京盐水鸭


    第一天:抵达上海 酒店:上海5*宝隆大酒店 或同级

    抵达上海机场,由导游接机后送回酒店休息。(24 小时免费上海浦东机场及虹桥机场接/送机;因客人较多,请在机场耐心等



    第二天:上海-杭州(早/午/晚餐) 酒店:5*瑞莱克斯酒店 或同级



    show”停演,改成“上海环球金融中心94 层”








    第四天:南京-无锡(早/午/晚餐)酒店:5*协信维嘉 或同级






    第五天:无锡-苏州(早/午/晚餐) 酒店:5*嘉盛丽廷酒店 或同级






    第六天:苏州-上海(早/午/晚餐)酒店:5*宝隆大酒店 或同级






    早餐后由导游安排送机,结束愉悦的旅程。(24 小时免费上海浦东机场及虹桥机场送机;请于报名时提供航班信息)


    • 指定购物站:杭州龙井茶、苏州丝绸、无锡紫砂茶壶博物馆、太湖珍珠馆、南京玉器、宝石店、同仁汉方养生中心
    • 已包含自费项目:薛家花园、船游古运河、西湖之夜表演、夜游外滩+新天地酒吧街(或夜游黄浦江)
    • 费用不含:国际/国内机票及其税项.
    • 不含 个人旅游、医疗保险,签证费用一切纯属私人性质的消费;因私人原因及航班延误等或其他不可抗拒的因素引起的额外费用
    • 旅客必须完成所有行程安排,假如旅客要求中途自行离团,視同全程放棄,飯店將會被取消,旅行社有权力向旅客收取脫隊费用 USD50/ 每位/每天
    • 所有團友務必要隨團參觀指定的購物站,沒興趣的客人可以抱著觀光為主的心態並耐心等候,拒絕參觀購物店的團友,本公司將有權利向該團友徵收團費附加費。
    • 以上行程仅供参考,如果遇到天气或交通等人力不可抗拒因素,各景点可能作出调整或更動前後次序,本公司保有一切修正行程的
    • 權利; 酒店等级皆以当地标准为根据,所有参团者被视作同意以上条款论。